winterwound [hella bereaved] (winterwound) wrote in photoart,
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i hung my twin brother on the winter solstice.

look at me. if your curiosity is peaked, click on my image. if not, you are and will continue to be: a walking, ungainly air-eating anachronism of all the modern world holds valuable. you are blanched, innocuous, and poorly spent. in short time, your ascetic intent will slip and spiral down the sink. it will be missed as a shoddy, gold-plated wedding ring, which catalyzed its own escape by negotiating with the palmolive dish soap that coats your otherwise filthy, pestilant, and morbidly obese fingers. no. just kidding. i have never been more in love with you. (just click on the damn link.)

your hyper-color t-shirt that's been buried in the attic since 1988

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